Pop! Marvel: Fantastic Four- Silver Surfer

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The Serious SurferIt's legitimate. Though he has a profoundly sad past, the Silver Surfer form of is like a chill dude that you would encounter on the seashore. There is a good deal of weight on all those silver shoulders. Galactus has pressured him to turn into the herald of doom for planets throughout the universe in return for the life of those on the own planet of his. That is why even the Funko Pop! model of the Fantastic 4 character has a stressed look on his face.Fun DetailsThis Pop! Marvel Silver Surfer figure is influenced by the traditional Fantastic 4 character! He can be purchased in tones of metallic silver and is also made from molded vinyl. He is sold standing on the ride of his of choice, a surfboard made using cosmic power which allows for him to travel great ranges in the void of area! However, he will not be carrying out any of that as he joins the collection of yours. He will merely stand beside the various other figures of yours, thinking about the amount of devastation that the employer of his, Galactus, is mainly responsible for through the years. We suggest pairing him up with Mr. Fantastic, the remainder of the Fantastic 4. Possibly using their combined could, he is able to at long last break away from Galactus' management!

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